SugarCRM V/S vTiger CRM

1 Apr 2013

Known for its wonderful CRM capabilities, SugarCRM is one of the best open source CRM frameworks around. The software offers unmatched functionalities ranging from automating business workflows to synchronizing client information. Being a flexible CRM framework, SugarCRM integration can be easily done with third party applications to boost the existing efficiency of your business processes. Lets quickly explore what are the strengths and weakness of this powerful CRM solution.

Excellent integration of email & calendar information with MS Outlook
SugarCRM Mobile brings in improved productivity for your business
Highly customizable user-interface to have complete control over different activities
100% open source code pave ways for inexpensive customization & technical support
Track marketing activities, improve team collaboration and sync marketing campaigns


Implementation requires a certain level of technical expertise
SugarCRM, at times, loads slower when compared to vTigerCRM
Lengthy and cumbersome upgradation process
Advanced modules do not come free of cost, these can prove to expensive at times

Another player in open source crm software market is vTigerCRM, which too, promises to be an excellent solution for managing customer relationships. It includes remarkable features sales force automation, customer support and inventory management. In case you want to extend the functionalities of vTigerCRM application, there are plenty of add-ons and modules available that can help you do so in a seamless manner. Lets take a look at its benefits & limitations

Extremely easy and convenient to use
User interface is highly intuitive and easier to use in comparison to SugarCRM
vTigerCRM loads quickly
Get open source add-ons for MS Outlook & Word, Thunderbird, Customer Portal
Integrate pre and post sales activities in a single application
Offers a rich user experience

Installation can be difficult to handle, as the CRM cannot populate its database
Requires file changes for completing the installation successfully
vTiger versions 4.x have the same issue as with SugarCRM, the upgrade process times out causing the upgrade to fail

Which one to choose?
Coming to the big question SugarCRM or vTigerCRM? Well, the answer to a certain extend depends on what actually your needs & requirements are! Carefully analyze your business objectives vis–vis the features offered by these CRM applications. Understand how exactly you want your CRM software to be like. It will help you decide which framework to choose. One must also take into account the changing requirements of his/her business while choosing the framework. A scalable CRM tool helps quickly incorporate the changing needs of your customer and industry.

If you want to consider scalability as well as stability, SugarCRM Development is the best option to go for. It is also better in terms of community support, features and user base. On the other hand, vTigerCRM Development definitely offers similar features to SugarCRM. But it focuses more towards small sized businesses.

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